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More speed and effectiveness to your laboratory with fibre reinforcements 

Stick fibre reinforcement technology improves the level of service the laboratory can offer dentists and enhances productivity in the laboratory.
Fibre reinforced composites can make the day-to-day work in the dental laboratory more efficient.
High quality Stick and everStick reinforcements for dentists and dental technicians are manufactured in Finland by Stick Tech Ltd.
Stick and StickNET products are especially designed for use in the dental laboratory. However, pre-wetted everStickC&B fibres can also be used in the dental laboratory.
All fibres manufactured by Stick Tech can be used with several hybrid composites, resins and acrylics. See Compatible materials. These fibres are designed for many indications. Indications for everStick, Stick and StickNET reinforcements in the dental laboratory include different permanent and temporary fibre reinforced composite bridges and crowns. New full and partial dentures or repairs to broken dentures can also be easily reinforced with these fibres.
With Stick reinforcement, dental laboratories can provide patient-friendly products to customers. When compared with porcelain-fused-to-metal technology, Stick fibre technology offers many advantages, such as:
- Bridges are faster and easier to finish
- Fibre restorations involve metal free solutions
- Many indications can be treated with same material.

Find out what advantages fibres can offer the dental laboratory, and then market your knowledge to dentists and tell what you can offer them.
Using Stick fibres is easy. Before you start using fibre:
- Read the instructions for use
- Attend the fibre course

Stick fibres are sold world wide: distributor network


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