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Fibres for everyday dentistry

High quality Stick and everStick reinforcements for dentists and dental technicians are manufactured in Finland by Stick Tech Ltd.

everStick fibre products enable composites to be used widely and flexibly in both dental practices and laboratories. The product range covers many different treatment indications, and the products have been classified according to the indication for which they have been developed to make it easier to select which ones to use. everStick fibre products can be used in conjunction with various composites - cements and resins. See: Compatible materials

With everStick products, making different types of periodontal splints, root canal posts and bridges is quick and easy. Furthermore, with FRC, technology, preparing orthodontic retainers becomes effortless. 

The use of everStick fibre products involves minimally invasive treatment; this means that many different treatment options will be available in the future. The most significant advantages for your patients are cost effectiveness, tissue saving and reduced treatment time in comparison with metal ceramics, ceramics and implantology.


The use of everStick fibre reinforcement is easy. You can start using the fibres through:


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