Do you miss a tooth?


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*Do you miss a tooth?
Thinking of an implant?
-Goodbye loose teeth?
-Did you broke your denture?
-Why to choose an everStick solution?

Quick solution to sudden and unexpected situations


"I fell of my bicycle, and one of my front teeth became loose." 

The loose tooth does not necessarily have to be removed. Your tooth can be supported via the adjacent teeth with fibre reinforcement. 

"My tooth cracked when I was biting a nut."

A seriously cracked tooth must be removed, but your dentist can use fibre-reinforced composite to prepare a new tooth for you during a single treatment visit. 

 1.  2.  3.

1. A tooth had to be removed.
2. Fibre reinforcement glued to adjacent teeth - no drilling.
3. A new tooth built around the fibre reinforcement.

These dental problems are solved by using everStickC&B fibre reinforcement.






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