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everStick®INTRO Pack

The new everStickINTRO package now includes 5 cm of both everStick®C&B and everStick®PERIO, one Stick Refix D silicon aid and user instructions. Both everStick®C&B and everStick®PERIO can be used either individually or together as a combination in the same clinical case.

Use everStick®C&B for:
- surface retained bridges
- inlay and hybrid bridge frames
- full cover crown bridges
- temporary bridges
- temporary bridges for the healing period of implants

Use everStick®PERIO for:
- lingual/palatinal splinting
- occlusal splinting
- labial splinting
- post trauma labial splinting
- a combined periodontal splint and surface retained bridge

Technical facts:

everStick®PERIO contains 2000 individual glass fibres, for an effective diameter of 1.2 mm. everStick®C&B contains 4000 individual glass fibres, for an effective diameter of 1.5 mm.

Package contains 
5 cm everStick®C&B pre-impregnated glass fibre
5 cm everStick®PERIO pre-impregnated glass fibre
1 Stick RefixD silicon aid
User instructions



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